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Free Website From Sparrow Digital


New members who are on the following memberships:

The Flexi – 8 Days a month from £126* a month

The Flexi – 3 Days a week from £189* a month

The Full Pack Dedicated Desk £249* a month

Will Get a free WordPress website hosted on Sparrow Digital servers.

This includes the setup time (a value of £300), and then ongoing hosting and WordPress maintenance costs (£15 per month) for the duration of the customers time at The Guild.

The free websites will be built upon a theme that has been developed by Sparrow Digital in order to jumpstart businesses and their websites. Helping you setup with your brand, logos, colours etc to make it look like yours. You’ll then be able to spend some time with Sparrow Digital, learning how to use WordPress, and best practices for SEO etc along the way.

The Sparrow Digital theme has been developed to run fast, it’s optimised for search engines, and gives you control over your content whilst still looking clean and professional, it offers enquiry forms and a simple user interface for editing.


Basic functionality such as provided plugins and basic WordPress features are available. Bespoke or features above and beyond what is already available will not be possible (although Sparrow Digital are happy to chat about any features you may need as it could well be beneficial to all our users).

It is a rolling monthly contract, allowing users to not feel trapped.

The user will need their own domain name already, if they don’t have one, Sparrow Digital can help get one setup during the setup process (we always recommend that customers look after their own domains).

If you leave the Guild, Sparrow Digital will happily host the website for a further 3 months as a nice gesture, but then the site will need to pay for the monthly subscription of £15.

The theme and its assets are owned by Sparrow Digital, but the content belongs to the customer.

*All prices are exclusive of VAT