This is my attempt at a blog, I want to keep it simple, friendly and honest. It will be about all things coworking and the incredible businesses that call The Guild their business home. If you are interested in more about The Guild then check out our home page HERE. Also check out Finn in our header he’s a black lab and he recently won the award for ‘best furry coworking friend‘ he’s one of our residents dogs and you will find him here at The Guild most days.


Ten Minutes With – Dave Smith

We caught up with Dave a friendly socialable member of the Guild who uses the Guild as a base when he is not out in the field running Vegwares sales team. We started with What’s your favourite Leonardo Di Caprio Movie? Wolf of Wall Street…it was a mad insight into the world of Wall Street. … Read more »

Ten Minutes With – Claire Armstrong

We recently caught ten minutes with one of our original Guilders Claire Armstrong.  Claire talked to us about the development of Big Beans Design who we used for a lot of our design work and We Amplify Cumbria a brand that you will hear a lot more about this year We started with the crucial… Read more »

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Ten Minutes With – Dan Jesse

We are very proud of the folk who call the Guild home.  To give you a flavour of what these Guilders are like we have had a series of conversations with them.  Our first was with Dan Jesse who has been with us from the start. Dan Jesse (Sparrow Digital and Jackrabbitt) We recently caught… Read more »

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What is coworking?

What is coworking, why is it so important for place? The rise and potential fall of wework has made coworking something of a real estate buzz word.  Now real estate sees coworking  as the next fix replacing business hubs and maker spaces.  Large organisations like to associate themselves with the fluid creativity of the freelance… Read more »

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Benefits Of Coworking Over Homeworking

Working from home isn’t for everyone Does it ever seem like working from home is too isolating? We have all been there, working from home seemed like a fantastic idea at the start: It’s cost effective, there isn’t a long commute, you can start working when you want to start working and all your home… Read more »